At AMAI Dev Lab we redefine the app development process using a mix of traditional software development with no-code and low-code solutions, ensuring rapid custom app creation for your disruptive ideas. Dive into the new, smart way to build software, tailored to fit your unique needs. We help non-tech founders and businesses to create their applications

We help non-tech founders and businesses to create their applications.
Our services:
Custom app development: Are you a teacher who want to create your own learning management platform? an e-commerce owner who is ready to go mobile? Are you founder who found a solution to a problem? Let us create a custom app for you.

MVP- development: We will guide you to create a MVP that fulfills your business goals. From idea to a product ready to launch.

UI/UX design- we will create user friendly product, making sure your user stays on the app and you get you retutn of investment.

product strategy: We will go through your goals and create a roadmap that aligns with your vision

QA: While we are proud of the quality o our work, the truth is there is no 100% bugfree app. That is why continuesly work with you after app launch and maintain the code.

One team, one project. the benefit of being a small development agency is the freedom to focus on our client and give all our attention to one project.

We believe in long-term partnership, taking your ideas to MVP to a full-scale up. We will be there for at every step, even after your app is launched. We continously provide support.

Ready, Set, App!

Ready, Set, App!

Ready, Set, App!

Unleash your app ideas and let’s turn them into reality. Don’t let them lose their momentum! Contact us now for an unparalleled journey.

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